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Meet Darrel and D & D Auto Upholstery

D & D Auto Upholstery was established in 2006, but my experience reflects back to 1998, when I started my own personal  classic car restoration.   I became a personal friend of my upholsterer and he in returned began to teach me the inner facets of the trade.  At that point there was a spark and my personal interest quickly grew.  I went on to start and complete many other projects just to learn more.  With a few years of learning the ins/outs of being a trimmer I finally enrolled into Clover Park Technical College in 2006 to learn the technical side of this craft. 2008 I finished the program, and obtain a certificate of completion of “Advanced Automotive Upholstery”, only because of my prior knowledge I was able to receive the higher honors.


While in school I began to take on jobs from friends and family to continue to fuel the flame.  With quality as one of my main desires the work flow just kept coming, and D & D Auto Upholstery was born.  I currently have a shop location, and continue to put out the best quality I can.  Everyday I work is another lesson in learning.


Although cars may look identical, no upholstery job is the same!


-Darrel Doodigian